Metro Benefits, Inc. - Principals

Our Management Team from left: Leigh A. Lewis, QKA, QPA (Principal), Diane M. Barton, CPC, CEBS, ERPA (Principal) and Russell D. Smith, CPC (Principal)

Professionally Credentialed Management Team with Extensive Experience in the Pension and Actuarial Fields

Metro Benefits, Inc. was established in 1986. Our offices are conveniently located in Pittsburgh, PA and Ripley, WV. Metro Benefits, Inc. is an independent, full service actuarial consulting firm providing a wide array of 401(k) administration and actuarial services for qualified employee retirement benefit plans. Under the management of our professionally credentialed founding Principals, we design, implement and administer benefit plans for clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations. We attribute much of our success to our unique ability to help clients truly understand employee benefit plans, and our strategic proactive approach to employee benefit plan regulations and compliance. Because our clients are well educated and informed of their options in advance, they are able to make the best choices for achieving their business goals.